Friday, August 17, 2007

Powerspot Playlist 15 August 2007

On the show tonight night, musical treats and delights from the following:

Deepak Ram- CD Flute for Thought- Between Thoughts (mp3 from

Marcel Khalife- CD Caress-Caress (mp3 from

Azam Ali- CD Elysium For The Brave- Endless Reverie / I Am A Stranger in this Life (mp3 from

Azam is internationally recognized for her work with Vas, the critically acclaimed, best selling, world music duo she co-founded in 1996 with percussionist Greg Ellis. From 1997- 2004 Vas released four albums on the Narada label. Their music, which they described as "alternative world," focused mainly on the ancient
relationship between the drum and voice. Their distinct cinematic sound blended influences of Indian, Persian, Western and other musical styles into a unique configuration that transcended categorization and cultural specificity. Though in their early days Vas drew many comparisons to Dead Can Dance, they patiently surpassed that comparison with each album they released, earning them their place in the musical hierarchy of bands whose innovation set a standard for others to aspire to.

In 2002 Azam released her first self produced highly successful solo album, Portals of Grace, which featured her singing renditions of ancient Western European medieval songs.

Azam's distinctive voice can also be heard on myriad film and television scores among which include “Matrix Revolutions,” “Godsend,” “Papparazi,” the upcoming major motion picture 300, Children of Dune, Earthsea, Dawn of the Dead, Alias, and The Agency.

Elysium for the Brave, Azam's second solo album, signals a new turn in her musical evolution. The album, her most ambitious work to date, brings together musicians from varied musical backgrounds performing in diverse permutations. Singing predominantly in English for the first time, the songs are based on lyrics written by Azam herself and reveal a poetic lyricism heard only in glimpses of her previous works.

Duoud- CD Sakat - Youm Aland / Mal Aytani-(mp3's from

For their second record, the electro-traditional combo Duoud explores Yemen ancestral musical traditions i
Smadj and Mehdi Haddab, children of the Parisian musical turmoil of the 90’s, have chosen the oud, just like one chooses one’s favorite pastry: with an accepted greed, without fear nor complex. For a long time, the oriental-electronic producer and the Ekova magician-member have satisfied their need to play in their favorite bars or in the intimacy of a party among friends. With this very simplicity they decided to record the fruit of their night drifting under the project name DuOud. Respectfully insolent with the instrument tradition, alternating “classical” Arab tunes and personal compositions, warmth of the acoustic instrument and electronic saturation, the two companions even invited some colleagues to share their joy (particularly the Bum Cello’s “fireworks makers”).

Jan Garbarek- Anouar Brahem- Ustad Shaukat Hussain- CD Madar- Sull Lull
Simon Shaheen & Vishwa Mohan Bhatt- CD Saltanah- Rag Vasant Mukhari
Dino Saluzzi- CD Cafe De La Musique- Introduccion y Milonga del Ausente (ECM 1616)