Monday, August 06, 2007

Kim Sanders upcoming show 19 August 07

Musical gypsy Kim Sanders has just returned from Indonesia to present a programme of Turkish music at St Luke's Hall, Enmore on Sunday August 19.
The concert will feature Turkish-born baglama-player Ozkan Bayar, now living in Australia. I'm really looking forward to playing with Ozkan he's really hot! said Kim yesterday. He's played with some heavy dudes in Turkey. He's a monster on baglama, and also plays bouzouki and a vary rare and exotic hybrid instrument called the cumlama. I like hybrids I play one myself!? Kim's hybrid is the Bulgarian/Turkish/Australian bass bagpipe he calls The Aardvark.

Kim has studied, performed and recorded extensively in Turkey since 1984. He has worked with Zulfu Livanelli, Anadolu Fener, Birol Topaloglu and the Istanbul State Modern Folk Music Ensemble.

The ensemble will be completed by Kim?s long-time collaborator percussionist Peter Kennard, who was featured on Kim?s latest CD Trance'n'Dancin.

The programme will include Turkish Classical and Sufi music and folk music from various regions of Turkey.

In Indonesia, they're very interested in Turkish music, because of the historical connection with the Middle East, says Kim. Especially so in Aceh. I went there to do a series of World Music workshops with a group of musicians co-ordinated by Ben Pasaribu from the Ethnomusicology Department at Medan University. The aim was to encourage local Achenese musos to play music again, now that the houses and infrastructure are mostly rebuilt after the tsunami. We heard some terrible stories, but the workshops went really well, and the jam session on the final night was a knockout! Hopefully we contributed in some small way to the healing of hearts and minds.

Kim also performed at the Malacca Straits Jazz Festival and at the inauguration of the new chief of Koto Gadang in Sumatra. My vegetarian daughter Phoebe was grossed out by the freshly-severed buffalo-head in prime position next to the Chief but they sure loved the gaida! Kim will return to Indonesia in September for the Solo International Ethnic Music Festival and to Turkey in November for further study and performances.

Kim Sanders: ney, kaval, mey, gaida, aardvark

Ozkan Bayar: baglama, cura, cumlama, bouzouki

Peter Kennard : dhaf, daire, darabukka, davul, percussion

2 pm, Sunday Aug 19

St Luke?s Hall,

11 Stanmore Rd,

Enmore (opposite 7/11 store)

$20/15 concession

St Luke's Hall is a semi-accoustic venue, so you won't be deafened by a moronically loud sound-system!

Light refreshments available, and parking onsite.

Be early seating is limited!

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This concert is supported by Kinetic Energy Theatre Company.