Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2 September 08 featuring Bob Brozman

On the show today, you either heard or missed the following musical treats (or torture) depending on your tastes and outlook.

Bob Brozman- CD Lumiere
An interview with Bob Brozman soon to tour once more in the land of Oz. Listen to or download the interview here
Bob's coming our way once more for a series of concerts and festivals.
Tracks covered: Mars Over Sorrento / N'Oubliez par Reunion / Tango Metzinarodny

Son House- CD Delta Blues & Spirituals
Tracks: How To Treat A Man

Charley Patton- The Blues Collection Vol 49
Best known as an American Delta Blues player, considered to be by many the grand pappy of Delta Blues, and one of the oldest figures of American popular music; a definitive inspiration for just about every delta blues player ever.
Tracks played: Tom Rushen Blues / A Spoonful Blues / Shake It & Break it / Mississipi Bo Weavil Blues

Alan Lomas- Blues Songbook Vol 2
Dimples In Your Jaw / I Could Hear My Name A Ringing / Blues de la Prison / I Been A Bad Bad Girl / Joe Turner