Monday, February 09, 2009

Kim Sanders news

Kim Sanders & Friends will perform for the Jazzgroove Association on February 17. The gig will feature drummer Toby Hall. “I’m looking forward to playing with Toby again. Playing with a jazz drummer is very different to playing with a tabla-player, and we like to take the music in different directions at different gigs,” says Kim. The other players will be Steve Elphick on bass and Sandy Evans on soprano and tenor saxes. “Sandy will be just back from a month studying in India, so she’ll be full of ideas and rarin’ to go. And there may just be some Indian things happening despite the kit instead of tabla!”

Support band (8.30pm) is Flap! from Melbourne
Jessica Guille - ukelele
Eamon McNelis - trumpet
Mark Elton - bass
Ben Hendry - drums

Touring from Melbourne to promote the launch of their debut album, Flap! are a charming band led by Jessica and Eamon. Featuring musicians from Vada, C.W. Stoneking and Shane Warne, the Musical, they sing original songs about falling off cliffs, obese amputees, being poor and the essential universal themes of falling in love and getting wasted.
Kim Sanders & Friends
10 pm
Tuesday 17 February
Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills
cnr Foveaux & Bellevue Sts