Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1 Giant Leap- Bombardmet info

From the 1 Giant Leap website here is the blurb about Bombardment, the first chapter of their new DVD What About Me screening on BBC 4.

Very apt for our first topic. 4 years in the making What About Me? has been a total bombardment of the senses. We took on such an ambitious concept with little idea of what would happen. Only a faith that if we stayed with it, it’d work out.

The backing track for this chapter was written one windy night in my van in Cadaques Spain. I had copied the riff from a sample of some Thai instrument. Sounded very different on my guitar, and as I played it to other musicians around the world it took on a whole new sound. Later on, Nigel (my constant support and musical genius) told me he thought I’d ripped it from knight Rider! I probably did without realising. Certainly doesn’t sound like that in the end.

The original lyrical concept for this track was to look at the issues of communication. As we started investigating and composing lyrics the idea of questioning the quality of our communication both with others but more importantly with ourselves, became our primary interest.

Featured countries

Egypt/Cairo Anwar Binale (Oud)
India, Shantinitkan Dev das & sons (Baul musicians)
Brazil, Sao Paulo Barbatuques & Comade Fulozhino
Turkey, Istanbul Whirling Dervis
South Africa, Cape Town Amapondo
USA, New York Bon cycle, Gabrielle Roth workshop