Saturday, November 26, 2005

Playlist 26 November 2005

Here is the playlist for November 26 2005

Paolo Modugno-cd La Bala et La Mouche- Track Tammuriatta

Abida Parveena- cd Visal- Track Tati ro rowat nihara
(the new voice of qawali. Exploring love songs from India & Pakistan. One reviewer was quoted as saying "Even if she was reading out a shopping list, her voice would move you to tears"

Salif Keita- cd Moffou- Tracks Souvent / Madan

Various Artists- Congotronics Vol 2- CD Buzz'N'Rumble From the Urb'N'Jungle
(listeners to the show will have heard me play Konono No1 a fair bit over the months. This is a follow up to the first volume and this time on this recording seven bands from around Kinshasa are featured exploring new directions in sound for electrified thumb pianos, resonators and distorted sound systems. Plus you get a 41 minute DVD as well. Kinono No 1 has the honor of being the album I have had more calls about on air than anything else. Check out both Congotronics Vol 1 and Vol 2. Both recordings are raw and have more passion and soul than a lot of releases I have heard this year. Essential)

Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
Malian blues guitarist meets kora player extraordinaire. First time together and first album in five years for both. Impromtu improvisations recorded in six hours, some overdubbing by Ry Cooder)

Ghazal-cd As Night Falls On The Silk Road- Track Snowy Mountain

Susheela Raman- cd Music For Crocodiles- Tracks Chordya / Leela / Sharavana / What Silence Said
(fantastic new release by Ms Raman, this being her third. Sung predominantly in English rather than Indian, this is more pop than Indian. None the less don't let this put you off. This is a lady whose voice is in fine form. Comparisons have been made to Norah Jones though I have not heard her sing. This is an album that has been on high rotation both at home and on air for good reasons. It makes me feel good when I listen to it and it has intelligent lyrics)

L. Shankar- cd Pancha Nadai Pallavi- Track Ragam Tanam Pallavi
(classic raga from three quarters of a group which were once Shakti. Even though this was recorded in 1989 this sounds fresh and exciting. Mind you what more do you expect from the recording studios of ECM)